Rihanna Readies New Album

Jul 13

http://www.artistsmp3.net/56635171/artist-Rihanna-new-mp3-albums.htmlRihanna Unapologetic was released exactly six months ago but its already old news in the eyes of her fans. So, continuing her pattern of issuing an album per year, the Bajan has returned to studio to prepare a new record as confirmed by hit-maker Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.

During an interview with The Source, Darkchild confirmed reports that he has written several songs for an unnamed Rihanna album. Although the nature of the project has yet to be revealed – whether it’s a studio set or greatest hits compilation with added fresh material – Darkchild stated that tracks are currently being submitted to Rihanna’s team.

Unapologetic has sold over 900K copies in the US and generated a pair of top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100, including Rihanna’s 12th #1 song, “Diamonds”. Further singles from the album have rihanna albums yet to be announced. Read what Darkchild had to say about Rihanna’s new project below:

What upcoming projects can you share? Are you working with Britney Spears? Mariah Carey?

I was working with Britney actually at the end of the year. She had me come on X-Factor show and do something with her, so we’ll see what happens if we get a chance to work together. I am working with Mariah, I am working with Jennifer Lopez. I just finished a couple songs with Jessie J over in London and I also wrote a couple of songs that are being considered for Rihanna’s new album, so there’s a lot of good stuff happening so we’ll see…I’m always busy, but it’s all good, never too busy for my baby.

Can you speak about working with Mariah Carey in the studio on her upcoming album?

Yeah, Mariah’s great. We had a chance to write together and it was really cool. She’s a pro, she’s a real pro and relatable, too. She has two children, two beautiful kids and we got a chance to really get to know her and Nick and the kids doing this project and they just bring that class act family and you know it’s good to have friends like that.

Darkchild’s comments are far from surprising, since we all know that as a basic Pop artist, Rihanna follows a strict release schedule. However, it is quite worrying that after so much success, she refuses to take at least a year away from the music scene that she can improve her craft and find true inspiration.

When will Rihanna have her Madonna Bedtime Stories breakthrough moment? She has an extensive list of hits but her artistry has as much depth as her limited vocal range. Perhaps when her popularity begins to wane and her young fans outgrow her, she will take a step back and reconsider her current approach to music.

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