lmfao sorry for party rocking

Oct 17

On a mission to capture their party into a way of life , and everyone in the LMFAO wagon , they started making original dance songs in their studio apartment to play in clubs . In true DIY ( Do – It- Yourself) fashion , Red and Sky released their ” I’m in Miami Bitch ” song on his myspace signature look and brand – wearing bright colors , rockin ‘ glasses with no lenses and always stay ” with a fly their own self jerseys – . designed These guys are always on the grind touring constantly , and keeping fans updated daily with the LMFAO Dailys on youtube ( www.youtube.com / user / redfoo ) and just to add. to the list of projects business , they keep it real with the ” do – it-yourself ‘ approach by running their own label and clothing line , Party Rock ( lmfao.bigcartel.com / ) lmfao sorry for party rocking.

Enthusiasm and passion for creating an entire musical movement has translated in LMFAO being one of the most popular bands emerging independent music scene . Sky Blu ( the name given is the sky and the sky is Blu , after all) and Redfoo ( the Red symbolizes his passion , and he acts like a Foo …. in bed ) make music that straddles genres ( Electro , Hip – Hop , Club ) .


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