Float On Modest Mouse

Oct 17

In March 2003 , Green left the band after suffering a nervous breakdown , the official word was that he was leaving to work with his side project , Vells . In the same year , he and bassist Eric Judy appeared on his debut solo album by Adam Forkner , VVRSSNN . Green was replaced by two new members , drummer Benjamin Weikel ( who also beat pentruSecvenţa Helio and playing keyboards ) and guitarist Dann Gallucci (who was formerly a member of Modest Mouse and appears on Sad Sappy Sucker packed şiLonesome west ) . On April 6, 2004 , Modest Mouse released their fourth album , platinum is good news for people who love Bad News Float On Modest Mouse, which scored two hits with “float ” and ” Ocean breathes salty ” (both of which were performed Saturday Night Live on November 13, 2004 ) . The album was nominated for a Grammy for best alternative rock album that year . Later that year , Green returned to the band , and Weikel returned to drumming exclusively Helio pentruSequence . Gallucci left the band in August .



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