50 cent many men

Oct 17

After conquering the world, 50 has become a business, scoring own clothing line G-Unit, his own PlayStation game, one semi-biographical film (also called Get Rich or Die Tryin ‘), and even your own taste vitamin water. Label, G-Unit released a stream of high-profile gangsta rap game no-nonsense, and a handful of his stable version of G-Unit. In the Forbes list of “hip-hop cash kings”, 50, valued at $ 32 million 2007, ranked second behind Jay-Z.

But while 50 remained high profile modus operandi “revenge rich or die trying” had a negative effect on his music. The Massacre, 50 folded in his “sweet killer” persona, calmly boiling cocaine from his pores, but also attract girls in “Candy Shop”, humming the stripper “Disco Inferno” and hit with Goofy Eminem in the album “Gatman And Robbin ‘. “debuted at number one 50 cent many men.


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