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Oct 29

Satiety (suh-TIE-ity) is the condition of being full. Set-point theory cannot explain why we stop eating at a particular meal, because we stop eating well before the fat enters our cells. Rat research suggests that satiety signals arise from the stomach.

Deutsch, Young, and Kalogeris (1978) implanted a tube below the stomach in rats. They siphoned off milk as the rats drank it, so the milk never reached the large intestine. Instead buy steroids online of drinking more than usual, the rats drank the same amount as usual. The arrival of milk in the stomach was apparently enough by itself to generate the “satiety signal” that shut off hunger.

This kind of research, showing that a full stomach led to a feeling of fullness or satiety, led to development of a weight-loss device called the gastric bubble. The gastric bubble was a small plastic balloon inflated in a patient’s stomach. The balloon occupied space in the stomach, leading to feeling of “fullness” after relatively little eating.

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