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Why do you start with HTML and CSS

Dec 18

Most sites (I guess that 99 % +) are produced in HTML. Just go to your favorite website and press CTRL + U (it should work on most browsers, or find the ” view source” in your browser).

You see things as <p> <a> <strong>, <script type=’text/javascript’>, <span> <style> and so on? These are called HTML tags. No problem if you do not know anything about it, you will soon.

HTML is the structure of almost any modern website. What is CSS?

CSS is basically giving the structure a style. Without CSS, web pages would look terrible, like a lot of text into a Notepad file.

To really understand and become a web designer, I think it’s important to know these two simple language. The good thing is, they are really easy to learn once you understand the logic behind them. Do not worry, it has nothing to do with the actual programming languages ​​like PHP, Javascript or C + +. They are completely different worlds. Learn HTML and CSS with respect to these languages ​​is like learning to ride a bike compared to flying a plane. Do you know how to ride a bike? Then you probably have an opportunity to learn HTML and CSS. To

A book is not enough

Consistency is key when you get started with web design. You learn every day? Ask yourself what new concepts that you learn at least three times a week? Learn a little every day is better than a lot of material to cover in a single day of the week.

But how do you get the consistency? Are there ways to improve your chances of regularly take further action?

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